Import and Export Outsourcing

Our Outsourcing service is the result of years of knowledge and experience in the area of ​​Foreign Trade. In this way we provide specific solutions allowing our client to have Peralta personnel at their service, in company, to provide solutions, advice and fluid communication between all the participants. 

We are professionals in logistics. We can develop a complete project for your company, organize a team and work together with it during the start and development of it. We analyze the existing processes and compare them with the best practices in the industry to formulate a solution according to your particular needs.

The decision to adopt a process of outsourcing will allow:

  • The reduction and variability of your costs.
  • The continuous improvement of quality and costs.
  • The reduction of risks in the area through shared management with the provider.
  • The possibility of benefiting through a process reengineering without have to pay for the related costs.
  • Obtaining quick answers.